Wicked Deceptions



Courtnie Randolph is young, beautiful and established. She’s college educated, owns her own business and home. On the surface, she seems to have it all together, but beneath, there are cracks in her foundation. Courtnie has what some would call “issues”. Her twisted sexual appetite knows no boundaries, and in her wake, she has left a trail of broken men. When Courtnie sets her ocean blue eyes on Adonis Edwards, she thinks she has found everything she has ever wanted in a man and is willing to do whatever it takes for them to be together. There’s only one problem… his wife. 
Adonis Edwards is handsome, hardworking and faithful. Until recently, he had been living the American dream. A wife, a home, and kids who adore him. He has devoted the past few years of his life to making sure his wife, Angela, has the best of everything and wants for nothing. Unfortunately, his best efforts never seem to be enough for Angela. It’s becoming clear to him that she is falling out of love, and he is powerless to stop it. When Adonis meets Courtnie, his confidence and hopes of saving his marriage are at an all-time low. In Courtnie, he finds someone who is willing to do what his wife doesn’t seem to want to, satisfy his basic needs. To Adonis, the one night of passion was simply a moment of weakness, but to Courtnie it was a lifetime commitment. When she finds out that he’s attempting to reconcile with his wife, Courtnie sets out to teach him a dangerous lesson about affairs of the heart. 

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