Gigolo front cover final high res


Sex is simply a means to and end. Who has time for love? If you re good at something, never do it for free, is what eighteen year old Kareem was always taught. He s a man living with a secret and in the shadow of his family’s tainted history. Having inherited his father’s good looks, among other things, and his mother’s unquenchable sexual thirst, Kareem decides to put his genetic gifts to work for him and sets out to make his bones in the sex trade. Kareem quickly finds himself in an opulent and shameless world of pleasure and vice, where he becomes a favorite of the women he services. There is no doubt that Kareem is great at what he does, but leading a double life while trying to juggle school, friends and family proves to be easier said than done. Things get more complicated when he slips up and impregnates one of his clients…his best friend’s mother. Kareem finds himself caught up in a web of sex, murder, and betrayal in this steamy novel that will leave you wondering; how fine is the line between love and lust?

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