Convince me to Live

Convince me to live (high res)



Would you take your own life to save the life of someone you loved?

Janelle, a freshman in college, is coping with life after the tragic death of her father in an automobile accident, under mysterious circumstances. Her grades are slipping, but she’s offered an extra credit assignment to help get back on track. The assignment is to work as a volunteer for a suicide hotline. When she receives a call from a deranged man who knows everything about her, her family secrets are brought to light. She soon finds out that her father didn’t just die in a car wreck, but was murdered and now the killer is after her and her loved ones.
With nowhere else to turn, Janelle reaches out to a detective, whom she met through one of her professors. Her story seems farfetched, but her fear genuine. Reluctantly, Detective Grainger finds himself in the middle of the case. He must first help prove her theory, and then catch the killer before he makes good on his threat. The task proves easier said than done when one mystery seems to lead to another and the bodies begin to pile up.

The killer’s demands are simple, Janelle will either kill herself to balance the scales for the loved one he’s lost, or he will continue to murder those closest to her until there is no one left.

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