Johnna Brown is a native of St. LouisMissouri. She ascertained a passion for reading and writing at an early age and over time developed her craft. Johnna currently has three published pieces: Beautiful Nightmare, Vengeance: A Never Ending Nightmare, and Sex on the Rox which is a short story. Johnna B. was also featured in Anna J’s Snapshots Volume 6. Her first offering from the Write 2 Eat Concepts camp is the psycho-erotic thriller “Wicked Deceptions.” Johnna B. currently resides in St. LouisMissouri where she is at hard work on her next novel.





Raynesha Pittman was born and raised in the gang and drug infested streets of South Central Los Angeles. It was while in these streets that she discovered her love for writing and the dream of being published was birthed. It took the Southern hospitality of Nashville, Tennessee to show her that with hard work she could bring her dreams to life, leading her to self publishing her first title, Kismet. The Kismet trilogy went onto receive rave reviews, but it wasn’t until she moved to Memphis that opportunity came knocking in the form of bestselling crime novelist K’wan, who signed her to his Write 2 Eat Concepts imprint. Her first title under Write 2 Eat Concepts is the coming of age tale titled “Dog Food.” Raynesha currently resides in Memphis, TN with her husband and six children.






Erick S. Gray’s climb to success in the literary industry has been fortunate and inspiring. Born in Jamaica, Queens, Erick Gray first broke onto the scene in 2003 with his debut novel “Booty Call.” Since then he has released over fourteen novels, been highlighted in several anthologies and been known to ghost write. The prolific storyteller’s style of writing is known to be gritty, with true to life and memorable characters.

Signed to several publishing companies from St. Martin’s Press to Black Print Publishing, Mr. Gray has proven to hold his own in the game among literary giants such as Shannon Holmes, Nikki Turner, Terri Woods and K’wan with great story telling and being consistent with great material. Erick’s titles include: Booty Call, Ghetto Heaven, Love & A Gangsta, Crave All Lose All, Nasty Girls, Its Like Candy, Money-Power-Respect, Booty Call *69, and America’s Soul. Erick Has Also been featured in the anthologies: Streets of New York Vol. 1-3 and Boyfriend #2 (w/Caleb Alexander). His first offering under K’wan’s Write 2 Eat Concepts venture is the passion driven novel “Gigolo.”

Erick is testimony in the old saying, “Don’t ever judge a book by its cover!!!”





Niles Manning, a native of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, discovered his love for creative writing in his early years. He spent his leisure journaling and scripting poetry until he finally tried his hand at novels. He currently has 6 titles in his ‘The Price of Heir’ series, and his first project with Write 2 Eat is the urban thriller, ‘Convince Me To Live’. Niles, the free dreamer and a specialist at wordplay, possess a vivid imagination that is lucid through pages. As an active duty member of the USAF by day, Niles Manning is currently located in Great FallsMt. where is he actively working on his next novel.









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