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  1. Regina B 08/01/2014 at 10:19 pm //

    i grew up with Donald and iceberg slim books and than the reading stop due to no one came close to writing like those two ever. u r the grandson of Donald goines and iceberg slim, i have read a lot of urban novels and they “say” it happen in NYC. u r the only author who writes from the streets of NYC, i feel like i am walking down the streets of harlem, brooklyn, and riding the trains when i read your books. i can smell what NYC smells like when you are in the projects. u r the next generation of urban novels, you hit the nail on the head when you write your books. please dont stop writing!!!! thank you


  2. Pia L. 11/14/2014 at 9:54 am //

    First congrats to Kwan for successfully becoming an author and for having a passion for writing, its not an easy thing to do. Authors rarely mention the back aches, head aches or finger cramps because When you love what you do the pain goes away just like after giving birth. I read the interview featuring Kwan in Clutch magazine. Being a writer my self, having the need to tell a story my self, I understand his passion for the urban or street literature genre. As a suggestion though,I believe what throws people off from our genre is the covers some of them give off a glorifying vibe. In this area, in my opinion is where we need to be carful. I believe like with everything there will always be impostors; those posing to have seen or lived or witnessed this type of life style which is portrayed in novels, movies and videos, these days and thats okay. It comes with the territory ” fame ” But for those who express the conditions of their lives or past lives through creativity will be seen and heard. It may be more so about the approach. Reading is educational, it is calming to the soul and mind and can be a form of meditating. If done properly we as Urban or Street Lit, writers can become more main stream then we believe. Our stories have power, our stories ignite emotion and generate compassion if written well. My plan as an author is to do just that, write from the heart until my heart no longer aches or beat irregular so that some one who feels me heals and so on and so on… I commend Kwan for telling his stories from a place that is raw, uncut and not photo shopped. Pls keep an watch out for my first novel ”Hello Beautiful” It will be my pleasure to bring to mind that urban is a culture and not a skin color. It is life for most of us not all ways good, but not always bad either… Pia L.


  3. Nicole 12/18/2014 at 8:50 am //

    Why do you keep leaving us hanging? Animal III was awesome, you need to start release 2 books at a time if it’s a series. I hate waiting to see what’s gonna happen. Is Gucci alive or dead? When is next book in the Animal Series coming Out?


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