Ghetto Bastard: The prequel to Animal




The gritty prequel to the bestselling novel¬†“Animal”

What happens to the children that the world throws away? They become Animals. 

Tayshawn Torres is a child born in the slums and cursed by the sins of his parents. His mother is a notorious drug addict and whore who is more concerned with getting high than his well being, and his stepfather hates him so much that he literally treats him like a dog, forcing him to sleep in a cage and forage for scraps of food wherever he can find them. Because of his squalid appearance, he’s the object of ridicule of all the neighborhood kids and given the nickname Animal. The only person to ever show him even the slightest kindness is his older brother Justice. Justice keeps him out of harm’s way as best he can, but when Justice is taken from his life, Tayshawn finds himself alone in the streets.

With is guardian angel gone and at the mercy of the world, Tayshawn learns very quickly that if he is to survive the jungle he will have to adapt to its rules. Love and companionship constantly elude Tayshawn, but death and heartache cling to him like a second skin. Gradually the layers of the frightened child he had been are stripped away until there is nothing left of Tayshawn and all that remains is an Animal.

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  1. Shayla Washington 07/11/2014 at 4:15 am //

    How can I order this book from your website


  2. Aaron Kimble 08/13/2014 at 5:47 am //

    Mr. Foye,

    I just finished reading Ghetto Bastard and was very impressed with the characters and the book. This is my first K’wan novel so I want to know what is the next book in the story so I can pick up where G.B. leaves off?



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